Fabricated Jewelry

My jewelry is created with a fabrication technique the ancient jewelers used to construct their pieces. Sheets of metal are cut with a special jeweler’s handsaw, then the different parts of the design are soldered together. This allows me to incorporate different kinds of metals into one necklace. I prefer to use 18K and 24K (or “pure”) gold, sterling silver, and electrum (an alloy of pure gold & silver) in the pieces. These steps are shown in my documentary film, “Sundancing with the Muse.” Many different gemstones are used and often the gems are carved with spinning diamond tips. Each piece of artwork is signed and taken into a “waking up” ceremony. If the jewelry piece is labeled “Custom order for the price,” the piece has been previously sold but I may be able to recreate one of the same design for you. For special orders, contact me at 406.777.7006 or heyoka@heyoka-art.com.